Re-Opening Plans

At last!

After months of waiting and careful deliberation, it is time to come together and worship in person.

Please join us in the BUCC Sanctuary on Sunday June 13 at 10:00, and every Sunday after that.

Some things will be different from the last time we met:

  • Masks are recommended but optional for adults. Children 3-12 should wear them at the discretion of the parent(s). Brecksville School systems was still requiring them.
  • We will still work to spread people out in the sanctuary.
  • Time with young worshipers will be suspended initially.
  • Choir will be suspended (it is Summer anyway).
  • The congregation will not be singing hymns (for now).
  • We will implement “Bring Your Own Communion” for the next week.
  • We will not pass the collection plate – they will be at the entrances of the sanctuary.
  • There will not be a coffee hour. People are welcome to gather outside of church as desired, but we will not be meeting in Pilgrim Hall.

Some things will be the same and still wonderful:

  • We will be together, worshiping.
  • We will share live music from our talented Music Director.
  • We will hear the Word, read and preached from the altar.
  • We will be reunited with old friends, at last.

Some things may change, as we go forward:

  • We will be flexible and caring as we see how things work when we are together.
  • We will reassess singing hymns together and the choir in the Fall.
  • We will bring back singing hymns, shared Communion, Time with Young Worshipers and Coffee hour, as soon as safe and practical.
  • However, if there is a spike in COVID cases, we may institute other precautions (temperatures, pre-registration, go back to virtual services etc.).

Download and print Re-Opening Details for your reference.

For those that choose to join us virtually, we will be streaming our service live on YouTube. More information to follow!

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