Timely Topics:

General Notices:

THE PEACE CANDLE is placed up front every Sunday to remind us of Jesus’ teachings on peace and peacemakers.  We pray that peace between nations, within our country, community, families and ourselves, will become a priority for all.

THAT PESKY PARKING PROBLEM!  For the past several Sundays, our parking lot has been completely full. What a great problem to have!  In an effort to be hospitable to our visitors and help those arriving late, we ask that those of you who can readily do so, please park in the school lot next door.  This is just another way in which we can signal our desire to be accessible and welcoming to all!

THE BUCC PASTOR’S FUND was established several years ago to provide assistance to people who are facing critical needs.  It is primarily used to help with rent or utilities, uncovered medical/medication bills, food gift cards, or emergency aid to travelers passing through town. Because of increased needs, we are asking that our members and friends consider making a contribution to help increase this fund.  Checks can be made out to BUCC, or cash may be placed in a pew envelope, with the notation “Pastor’s Fund” written on the check or envelope.  Your generous gift will go a long way in helping our church make a positive difference in the life of a neighbor in need!