Shepherding our flock

Pastor John D. King began serving as pastor in February 2022.

Please contact Pastor John at the church at 440-526-4364, or write to him at 

You can also reach Pastor John using the Contact Form on the Contact Us page.

Rev. John King’s Statement on Ministry

I believe that ministry is a call to serve with compassion and practice what I preach.  I believe that my ministry must be grounded in prayer and integrity.  I believe that preaching is a sacred duty, and my sermons must be prepared with scholarly excellence and heartfelt prayer.  I believe that good leadership actively listens to the community and is guided by the belief that the Spirit speaks in and through all believers. Such leadership draws from the gifts of the community, empowering each member to minister collaboratively as they are able.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to live his singular commandment: “Love one another.”  So the Good News is about serving one another in action.  Thus, wherever I have ministered, I have strengthened mission outreach and service programs to those in need.

Raised in the Catholic church, I experienced the call to ministry there.  Even though it always seemed to me rather a “dysfunctional family” it was “my family” nevertheless.  I had hoped to be part of the change I wanted to see in the Catholic Church.  But over time, it became clear that my beliefs and priorities had become so distant from those of the hierarchy that I needed to separate myself from my former denominational affiliation.  This choice meant losing my employment and residence; it severely stressed my relationship with my family. This made it a big decision, but not a difficult one. My path was clear. I needed to live with integrity and be true to my core beliefs and values.

My transition to ministry in the UCC has felt very easy to me, because the UCC feels like the Church in which I have deeply and personally believed for a very long time: I find in the UCC a Church that:

  • Truly believes that the people are the Church, God is still speaking through us all.
  • Is committed to unity, while embracing diversity.
  • Respects scientific inquiry and does not ask me to check my brain at the door.
  • Is committed to justice and care for the poor, with a historical record to prove it.
  • Welcomes all people with equality, not based on gender, orientation or marital status.
  • Encourages integrity, honesty and diversity in thought and belief.