Equal Justice for All

There will be a rally THIS TUESDAY June 9th from 4-6 pm held next to Brecksville Road by the Brecksville Post Office and Fire Department in support of black justice and an end to police brutality. If you would like to participate in the rally with other members of BUCC, please feel free to meet in the BUCC parking lot at 3:30 and we can walk over together. Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing standards to the best of your ability at the rally. IT WILL BE HOT – so dress accordingly. This event is not organized by BUCC, but it is an important issue and one we are supporting as a congregation.
We have an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to Peace and Justice by ‘Showing Up’ — even if it’s only for five minutes, or even a drive-by and honking in support. If you are able, please bring some extra water bottles to share (I am taking a couple coolers with ice and waters over early because of the heat).
Also note: As of this morning, over 400 people has responded as ‘Going’ on Facebook. We have offered the BUCC parking lot as well, so make sure you’re there early or it may fill up!

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Additional information posted this morning by the organizer, Sam Barchet:

Hello everyone! A few important reminders about Tuesday’s event:

– There will be (limited) parking at the lot where the rally will be held. If you choose to park here please park away from the fire station and towards the back. There is also parking available down the road at the Brecksville United Church of Christ as well as any other public parking.
– Water!
– Mask
– Signs
– Bags. Please do not bring a bag if not necessary.
– As of right now there are no speakers at this event. We will not be marching. We will gather in the lot and line the sidewalk along Brecksville road. Again, please DO NOT block the fire station or any traffic. At 5PM we will be kneeling for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in a moment of silence for George Floyd.
– Please educate yourself! please make sure that you listen more than you speak. Your job here is to amplify the voices of black people and make Brecksville a more welcoming place for people of color.
– Do not engage with them! Separate them from the group. No violence or vandalism will be tolerated.
– Although I do not expect this to happen, IF there is any altercations with police PLEASE use your white privilege to protect the black members of our community. Stand as a barrier against police force.
If you have any questions about how to be a good ally please reach out to me!
I am so so thankful for everyone who has shown interest in this event. I think that a lot of times the lack of diversity in our town creates an atmosphere where racism is tolerated but it is time for our community to show up and speak out! See everyone on Tuesday!


 Brecksville United Church of Christ joins with our parent organization, the United Church of Christ, in deploring the systemic violence against African Americans in contemporary America. We call on all levels of government and Law Enforcement to consult with African American leadership to build a way forward together, so that the United States’ promise of equal justice for all may be fulfilled.

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