Personal Sound System Available

BUCC has the latetest, up-to-date version of the Williams personal sound system.

It may just be your answer if you are concerned: (1) that the quality of sound deteriorates between the speakers and your pew in the sanctuary, or (2) that your hearing is getting poorer but not yet bad enough to buy hearing aids, or (3) that you have hearing aids and you want to hear even better or (4) that you are bothered by the route 82 traffic noises or any noise generated by your pew mates during worship.

Receivers are available in the narthex for you to borrow which pick up ALL PARTS of the worship service – sermon, readings, choir and organ music, etc. Just plug in one of our head phones, your favorite Walkman head phones or any other unit with a 3.5mm plug and you are ready for a new hearing experience.

Don’t know if you want to do this?

Then try it out; borrow one of the church’s head phones and “test drive” a Williams receiver during a worship service.

And if you already have digital hearing aids, an even better experience awaits you. Simply have your audiologist activate the teleloop option of you hearing aids, borrow a receiver with a teleloop plugged in and experience sound quality you never would have expected. The sound remains electronic all the way from the speaker’s mic to your ear drum.

One of our ushers and members of the Spiritual Life Ministry are ready to help you get started. Check with them before the service next Sunday. Your questions are gladly answered.

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