For Rent

Brecksville United Church of Christ has been blessed with a beautiful facility, but did you know we have affordable rooms available for rent? The church’s location in the center of Brecksville is ideal, complete with a side entrance and handicap access. The lower level of the Christian Education wing has been previously rented for yoga classes, music lessons and driver’s education training, among other things. It is specifically zoned for church and educational ventures. A detailed map of the rentable rooms is available in the church office, but here is a brief breakdown:

  • Room #251: 18’ x 15’
  • Room #252: 18’ x 28’
  • Room #253: 18’ x 32’
  • Room #254: approx. 326 sq. ft.

Bathrooms are easily accessible, as is a separate outdoor entrance. If you or someone you know would like to rent one of the rooms and need more information, please talk to Pastor Dave or call the office 440-526-4364.

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