“Vote Forward” Letter Writing

For people of faith, voting and sharing our ideas on public policy is a way of living out Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbor.  To that end, OCWM has started a monthly letter/postcard writing project.

The first of these is a non-partisan way to encourage others to vote.  If you are interested, this is something you can do one your own.  You can get started by going to the website VoteFWD.org where you will create an account and wait a day or two to be “approved.”   Then, you can “adopt” groups of 5 or 20 people to receive your letters.  Using names and addresses provided by VoteFWD.org, you’ll add handwritten messages to a printed letter, and personally encourage others to get out and vote. This is a proven method of boosting voter turnout up to 3.4%.  All letters are to be mailed on October 29.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ann Kelley (contact information can be found by going to the church website and logging into Breeze or by contacting the church office.)

After that, we’ll continue to meet on the second Tuesday of each month to write to our legislators on issues that matter to us.  Drawing on resources endorsed by the UCC, we’ll make our voices heard. 

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